Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Avani follows "Green and Pollution free Earth" as corporate social responsibility (CSR) for the effects of its business operations on people, the environment and business management. We make conscious choices to achieve a balance between People, Planet and Profit. Our CSR is also depicted in our Brand name and Logo where:
  • 'Avani' the name means Earth in Sanskrit language
  • Logo represents a strong foundation and stability.
  • Green symbolizes learning, growth and harmony.
  • Dark Brown is the color of all the commodities in which Avani deals in.
  • Light Brown represents conventional and orderly.
Environmental Policy For Avani Resources Pte Ltd.
Basic Philosophy
As an international trading company specialising in metals and minerals and poised for expansion and growth, we believe that "care for the global environment is a precondition to corporate viability" and recognize that the preservation of the global environment is one of the most urgent issues for all human beings. We are committed to conservation of natural resources and to passing down a better environment to the next generation.

Corporate Action Policy
The key steps we propose to take to implement our environmental philosophy are:
  • We shall comply with all environmental laws and regulations, industry practices and other requirements in all of our activities. We shall, in addition, take all practical steps for conserving the environment and preventing environmental pollution.
  • We shall evaluate our business operations on an on-going basis in order to minimise waste and conserve energy and natural resources. As part of this, we shall actively promote recycling and the effective use of resources.
  • We as part of our business also disseminate our environmental policy and efforts to preserve the global environment amongst our business and trade partners.
  • We shall further evaluate the implementation of our environmental policy annually and set objectives and targets relating to the same which are both technically and economically attainable in order that our environmental management systems are constantly improved thereby minimising our negative impact on the global environment.
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