Corporate Social Responsibility

The CSR activities in Avani emanates from the culture of the company.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Avani is not seen as a mere responsibility – it is at the core of our existence.

We care for the whole ecology around us.

However, in order to bring in a structured approach, this year we have decided to concentrate on three broader areas. The environment that we breath in, the community that supports us and the people whose needs are out of ordinary.

Environment – We are conscious about the constant ongoing conflict between the nature, environment and economic progress. We believe we need both and balancing the two is the key. We follow the fundamentals of Reduce, Recycle & Reuse in office and encourage everyone to follow it in our life too. We consider using simple tools like Video Conferencing, Desk Sharing etc. before deciding to travel. Recently, we joined hands with the Garden City Fund, Singapore. We sponsored and participated in the Plant-A-tree programmeorganized by them.

Community – There are always people in community who need that little support and assistance. We joined hands with Ain Society of Singapore to reach out to such people. The society provides support to cancer patients from the families who need an extra care to fight the disease both physically and mentally. Starting from counselling to logistics support – they do it all. We are a proud to be part of that journey.We felt very humbled when Hon’ble President of Singapore graced the Charity Dinner hosted by Ain Society and our small contribution was recognized by them

Special needs –Genesis school in Singapore is a school for special children. They needed a small area to be prepared as a basketball court for the children. We are happy that we could help. Currently, the civil engineering work is going on the field and we can’t wait to see the children running around on that court. We are thankful to the Genesis school management for giving us an opportunity to participate.