Our Services

Technical Services

The senior leadership, including the directors, hold an array of expertise. One of their expertise lies in coking coal blend planning. Similarly, there is in-house expertise on use of various coals in power production and cement manufacturing. This rich experience is the result of in-depth technical discussions with our customers, suppliers and those the team had during their various visits to mines, ports, steel plants, technical sessions, workshops etc. We are always ready to share that knowledge with those who need it. This two-way knowledge sharing has been one of the key-to-success in our business. We don’t just want to sell few tonnes but really make an effort to forge a relationship mutually beneficial to both the parties and sustainable for years.

Logistics Solutions

We have in-house expertise in shipping and we annually charter and manage more than 150 vessels of various sizes both on voyage and time-charter. We offer shipping solutions to our customers and by leveraging our scale, we are able to optimise the cost and we can still deliver the right quantity at the port of our customer's choice.


Consulting on techno-commercial issues is an integrated part of our business. Most of the solutions are s. Internal discussions (and debates) are common before we approach our customers with an offer. This process helps us in understanding what exactly is the need (many a time it is an unarticulated need) and then unearthing a solution for the customer. Interactions at various levels of the customer organisation help us in offering meaningful deals to our customers.