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Meet the Directors

Mr. Chen Zhiguo


Chen Zhiguo is the Chairman of ARPL and group’s chief representative in China. He enjoys excellent relationships with the Chinese metallurgical industry and at the same time, he has a reasonably good understanding of the Indian steel industry which makes his knowledge somewhat unique and valuable to the business. He has almost 4 decades of hands-on experience in the steel and allied industry. He is currently based in Beijing and heads the Beijing office of ARPL

Mr. Sandeep Bhargava


Sandeep Bhargava is one of the founder directors of the group. He had a sharp business acumen and is hands-on with the day to day trading activity of the company. What makes him stand out though is his passion for his employees and community at large. He is an avid world-life photographer and a runner. He loves to participate in the marathons whenever he can. In fact, his love for sports started early. He has been a national level swimmer in India in his prime youth.

Mr. Lalitendu Jena


Lalitendu Jena comes from the mineral-rich eastern part of India. He has worked in many parts of the business including finance and engineering. He has, in fact, designed one small mineral beneficiation plant which is running successfully since its inception. Lalit, as his friends call him, is a man of various passions, starting from globe-trotting to Indian music. But his passion for systems, processes, governance and sense of fairness, equality and diversity in the workplace is what the business benefits the most.

Mr. Rajesh Johar

Managing Director

Rajesh Johar heads the Singapore office and is virtually involved with all parts of the office and business. He has been trained as an Engineer and a business manager in the two most prestigious and premium institutions of India. But his passion and deep understanding of money matter what makes him best suited for this job. He has been running the ARPL show single-handedly and successfully since the inception of the company. Rajesh’s contribution to the community is unique and well recognised. He is a guest (honorary) lecturer in premium academic institutes in India and Singapore. He is a movie buff but has his well-defined preferences.