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Company Profile

Avani Resources Pte. Ltd. (ARPL) is a commodity trading outfit which mainly deals with physical trading of raw material for steel and power production.

The company has been growing ever since its inception. To sustain the growth and to make it more efficient, the company is constantly reviewing its internal capabilities and re-positioning itself. We are a small team of twenty-one here in our Cecil Street, Singapore office.

Avani, as it is called by many, is uniquely positioned between the two Asian giants – China and India. It is among the very few trading houses of its size who has the infrastructure, resources and capability to buy from and sell into both countries. The group has an excellent track record of performance in all the countries where we are actively trading. Commitment to our promises and a strong focus on governance is what differentiates us from other trading houses in our class.


The organisation has moved up from simply selling what the customer wants, to meeting the unarticulated needs of our customers. This is where “the solutions” come into play. The long-standing relationships with our customers open doors for us, but the solutions that we table are largely the result of a deeper understanding of the overall socio-economic environment in which they operate, technical expertise that our team possesses and crucial near perfect execution of those offerings. This has built trust among our partners.

Our suppliers are often companies who sit in the top quartile of the Fortune 500. They do business with us because of our commitment, knowledge of the market, history of performance and the reputation that we enjoy in the marketplace. Moreover, we pass their gold standards on governance which is imperative for them.