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> Coking Coals

Avani is a major supplier of coking coal to India and China. Our strengths lie both in procuring and selling. We procure mainly from the large miners of the world with whom we have continuing relationships for close to a decade. We buy from almost all the coking coal exporting regions like Australia, Africa, Canada, China, Russia and the US. Besides, we do have access to some unconventional sources as well.

This varied sourcing pool allows us to supply almost all varieties of coking coal (prime low volatile, medium volatile or high volatile), semi-hard, semi-soft and others thus striking a techno-economic balance of our customers.

Steel mills of all dimensions across India have used coals supplied by us at some time or other. As with procurement, our approach to sales is also relationship based. It is a relationship forged not only between the customer and our sales but also with the operations team and often with the senior management. This helps us gauge both the customer’s apparent and unarticulated needs.