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> Pulverised Coal Injection (PCI Coal)

We are a major supplier of Pulverised Coal for Injection (PCI) to steel mills, pig iron producers and pellet plants. We supply high-quality PCl both for met coke replacement in blast furnaces as well as for pellet plant applications. We source our PCI coals from Russia and Australia where our strategic tie-ups with major producers enable us to ensure consistency of product quality and delivery of this critical raw material to our customers.

Pulverised Coal injection into the blast furnace provides the operator with an option of reducing consumption of the more expensive variant of carbon – metallurgical coke. But metallurgical coke has other useful mechanical duties to perform in the furnace therefore, PCI can’t replace coke consumption completely. Therefore, in a way, Coke & PCI compliment each other in the Blast Furnace operations.

We cater to customers across the iron making spectrum, from standalone pellet producers to special & alloy steel producers to very large integrated steel mills. As such we are able to consolidate demand and leverage our scale to deliver value to our customers by meeting their specific volume and quality requirements while optimizing on supply chain costs. Currently, we are the leading supplier of PCI coals to the Indian market and with our product knowledge, market access and sourcing tie-ups, we are continuously expanding the market as more and more of our customers see our value proposition to reduce their hot metal/pellet production costs.